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Sean Gibbons

"App seems very excellent all round. With straighforward user interface, seems perfect for beginners. Also would appear to have all the very important strong security features. No problem to recommend!"

Alvin Merritt

"By the looks alone, this wallet is fresh and has a good feel in it. Interface looks straight forward and easy to navigate. I like it! Just another of plenty utilities that catecoin has to offer! Oh yeah!"

Daniel Bocanegra

"Sensational app! The team continues to build and deliver. They are very active and informative on social media. App needs a few bug fixes but is in route to deliver amazing results. Tune in. 🦁"

All-in-one App for your digital assets

Exchange your crypto without leaving the app

Keep your crypto safe from hackers & scammers

See all transactions data in one place

Easily and safely move assets between wallets

dApps support for hundreds of decentralised apps

Support all ERC20, BEP20, Polygon, Fantom and Avax tokens

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Why Catecoin Wallet?

All in One App

If you're looking to play games, grow your wealth or store your crypto, Catecoin wallet has it all.

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We are user-minded, so security is our number one priority

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We offer the most cutting-edge assets management products

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We believe cryptocurrencies have the power to transform lives, by empowering our users with the tools to grow their wealth.